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The ACME is a production directory for film, movies, television and special event production.

Webster's Dictionary:
ac·me | ak-mē

highest point — the point at which someone or something is best or perfect
In Greek, acme means a mountain peak

apex, summit, tip-top, top, zenith

Common Misconception:

Some people believe the name ACME was intended by cartoonists to be an acronym for: A Company Making Everything

The ACME is a directory of recommended resources, products, services & craftspeople to design, build, buy, hire or rent just about anything for production design, decor & fashion. Conceived and compiled by Entertainment Industry Professionals who understand the complexities of designing and fabricating for Film, Television, Theatre and Special Events production.

It began as a production resource for rentals, sales and custom fabrication of products and services used by the Art Department, Set Decorators, Prop Masters, Prop Makers, Special Effects, Scenery Construction and, Scenic Arts.

Since our Directory has listings for the just about everything for film & television production, and they're recommended resources, ACME proved to be the best choice for the name.

Over the years, our Directory has expanded to include resources for Costume Designers, Wardrobe Stylists, Hair & Makeup Artists, Food Stylists, Picture Vehicles, Locations, Transportation and Production.

Now, more than ever, when Prep Time & Budgets are shrinking, no one has the time to search the internet for untested resources. The listings published in the ACME Directory have been used and recommended by industry professionals. There's a good chance we've already found what you need for film, video, television, theatre or, special event production.

Because Production is always changing and evolving, we're constantly adding unique and odd-ball resources or, artisans and craftsmen skilled in modern technology and old-world crafts. Due to the recent impact of Covid-19 on Production, new sources have been added for COVID-19 Disinfection Services and Covid-19 Compliance Officers to keep everyone on set, safe and healthy.

You're welcome to apply for a listing* if you can meet the requirement

* Listing in the ACME Directory are only offered to creative professionals & vendors working in the Entertainment Industry who have experience with the Industry's rigorous deadlines, constant changes and demands for quality in service and in products.

Why Are Production Directories Important?

Film and television directories serve as valuable resources for production professionals, including costume designers, set decorators, prop masters, art directors, art department coordinators, and prop makers. These directories are comprehensive databases or publications that compile a wide range of products and services specifically tailored to the needs of the entertainment industry.

For costume designers, these directories provide a vast collection of contacts for costume suppliers, fabric and trim manufacturers, rental houses, specialty artisans, and wardrobe stylists. They offer a convenient way to source materials and collaborate with experts in creating and acquiring costumes for the production.

Set decorators and art directors benefit from directories by accessing a network of vendors offering an array of props, furniture, set dressing, lighting equipment, and construction materials. These resources enable them to bring the director's vision to life, providing them with the necessary tools and suppliers to transform a set into a believable and immersive environment.

Prop masters and prop makers rely on directories to locate specialized prop builders, antique dealers, prop rental companies, and suppliers of unique and custom-made objects. These directories streamline the process of finding or creating props that suit the requirements of the script and fulfill the creative vision of the production.

Art department coordinators find directories particularly useful as they can quickly identify art supply stores, fabrication workshops, hardware suppliers, graphic designers, and other professionals who contribute to the visual aspects of the production. These directories save time and effort by presenting a curated list of relevant contacts, allowing the art department to efficiently organize their resources.

In summary, film and television directories are essential tools for production professionals involved in costume design, set decoration, prop management, art direction, and prop making. They serve as invaluable sources for locating products and services, connecting industry experts, and facilitating the creative process, ultimately contributing to the success of a project.

The ACME, wherever you go, there we are...since 1999

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