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Animal Wranglers, Trainers & Animal Actors

Animals - Animal Handlers - Trainers and Wranglers

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11530 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, California 91604
American Humane Association Coordinates Humane Monitoring of Animal Performers Worldwide. The Film & TV Unit Monitors a Yearly Average of more than 2,000 Filmed Productions, both Domestically and Internationally. They Work to ... ...more

7635 Jefferson Hwy, Suite 230, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809
Animal Actors Worldwide, Baton Rouge, has over 30 years experience with providing Exotic and Domestic Animals for the TV and Motion Picture Industry. Hollywoods Top Trainers and Wranglers. ...more

16654 Soledad Canyon Road, Canyon Country, California 91387
Animal Savvy LLC, owner, Sarah Clifford specializes in Animal Coordination and Animal Training, and provides award-winning animal talent to the entertainment industry. All domestic species of animal talent for work in ... ...more

Hartwell, Georgia
Ark Wranglers in Atlanta are Animal Trainers, Wranglers, and Coordinators. They provide professionally trained domestic animals and specialized animal services. Their experienced staff can assist with any animal requirement from pre-production ... ...more

Woodland Hills, California 91364
Benay`s Bird & Animal Rentals in the Los Angeles area, provide trained Bird & Animal Actors for hire. Their trained Hollywood Animal Actors include: Crows, Flamingos, Swans, Blue Jays, Seagulls, Hawks, Owls, Hummingbirds, ... ...more

13202 1/2 Van Nuys Blvd., Pacoima, California 91331
Best Valley Feed in Pacoima, CA offers a large variety of quality Animal Feed, Hay, Supplies and Medicines. Family owned and operated business, serving Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Entertainment Industry ... ...more

2 McLaren, Irvine, California 92618
Animals. Domestics, Exotics, Birds, Insects and Reptiles. Offices and Trainers in California, Florida, New York, UK and Canada. Over 30 Years in the Motion Picture Industry. ...more

16001 Yarnell Street, Sylmar, California 91342
Bob Dunn has worked as an Animal Trainer & Wranglers for movie & tv productions since 1977. Bob Dunns trainers work with Primates, Squirrels, Zebras, Alligators, Birds, Giraffes, Reptiles, Fish, Horse, Goats, Giraffe, Deer, ... ...more

31550 Oakhorn Avenue, Castaic, California 91384
29 Years Experience. Dogs, Cats, Camels, Birds, Chimps and More! Rentals ...more

PO Box 378, Lake Hughes, California 93532
Animal Trainers and Coordinators for Cats and Dogs. Farm Animals, Exotics, Birds and Reptiles. Text: (661) 803-6103 ...more

Atlanta, Georgia
Liz Bateman based in Atlanta, has years of experience training exotic and domestic animals for Live Shows, Film and Television, including: Last Man Standing, The Big Bang Theory, Avatar II, Yellowstone, Will ... ...more

Fillmore, California 93015
ANIMAL RENTALS: Forsberg Ranch & Company has served the Motion Pictures industry for over 20 years. Their extensive experience includes the positions of Livestock Supplier, Coordinator, Stunt Performer, Head Wrangler, and Producer. They ... ...more

Full Service Animals for Film and Television. 40 Years Experience. ...more

5250 South Wexford Rd, Atlanta, Georgia 30349
Graymatter in the Atlanta area, is an Animal Talent Agency with over 20 years of animal handling experience. They provide professionally trained domestic and exotic animals for advertising, film, TV, and print. ... ...more

P.O. Box 54, Mira Loma, California 91752
Hawks, Falcons, Eagles, Dogs, Cats, Barnyard Animals, Alligators, Ravens, Crows, Vultures. Rentals ...more

4103 Holly Knoll Drive, Los Angeles, California 90027
Hollywood Animals, Los Angeles: Trained Domestic and Exotic Animals. White Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Panthers, Bears, African Elephants, Hyenas Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses and Barnyard Animals. Over 30 Years of Experience. Animal Stunts, ... ...more

Instinto trains animals for Movies and Television. They have more than 18 years of on-set experience; able to realize any project with any type of animal, from an elephant to a ... ...more

Los Angeles, California
Jules Sylvester, Los Angeles: Animal Trainer, Animal Wrangler and Animal Rentals: Reptiles, Snakes - Venomous, Snakes Non Venomous, Alligators, Crocodiles, Frogs, Toads, Crabs, Lobsters, Butterflies, Insects, Lizards, Mice, Rats, Scorpions, Spiders, Tortoises and ... ...more

16215 Cajon Boulevard, San Bernardino, California 92407
Domestic and Exotic Animal Rentals. Cats, Dogs, Insects, Reptiles. 60 Acre Ranch Location ...more

Megan-Kate Hoover is an Animal Trainer & Wrangler with a background in Domestic and Exotic Animal Behavior, Enrichment, Veterinary Medicine, and Wildlife Rehabilitation. ...more

1767 Pancho Road, Camarillo, California 93012
Sheep and Stock Herding Dogs. Trained dogs capable of working at great distances. The Camarillo facility is a 50 acre ranch with Sheep, Goats, Geese, Ducks, Chickens, Horses, as well as many ... ...more

Lake Hughes, California 93532
Paws for Effect, located in Los Angeles, is a Full Service Animal Company for Film & Television: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Livestock, Barnyard, Rodents, Bugs, and Reptiles. ...more

P.O. Box 309, Piru, California 93040
Phil`s Animal Rentals, in the Los Angeles area: Animal Trainers, Wranglers, Horses, Farm Animals, Birds, Dogs. Turn of the Century Carriages and Wagons. ...more

P.O. Box 6367, Orange, California 92863
Production and Event Design. Exotic Animals and Birds. Specializing in Macaws. Parrots, Doves, Pigeons, and Other Birds Trained for Production Work, Live Entertainment, Parties, and Events. Art Direction, Set Design. Specialty Actors, ... ...more

Atlanta, Georgia
Samantha Martin is an Animal Wrangler, her Animal Talent Agency, Amazing Animalsspecializes in trained cats. Shes been training animals for over twenty years. Amazing Animals is a fully licensed, insured, and USDA ... ...more

14466 Boy Scout Camp Road, Frazier Park, California 93225
Steve Martins Working Wildlife provides Exotic and Domestic Animals. Bears, Wolves, Tigers, Deer, Camels and Eagles to the entertainment industry. Theyve been long-time consultants to the major motion picture industry, and ... ...more

11306 Sierra Hwy, Agua Dulce, California 91390
Studio Steeds, in the Los Angeles area rents Horses to motion picture industry and photo shoots. Horse Master, Wrangling, Coordinating, Horse Stunts, Weaponry from Horses, Rears, Strikes, Laydowns, Trailering and Talent Riding ... ...more

Acton, California
Teresa Ann Miller in the Los Angeles area, is an Animal Trainer & Coordinator specializing in personalized training methods per the Animals individual ability & character. She has extensive experience in creating natural character ... ...more

Atlanta, Georgia
Universal Animals in Atlanta provides domestic animals, exotic animals and snake wrangling services for the film and television industry. Fully licensed and insured ...more

...more recommended resources for Film & TV Production:

Thousand Oaks, California 91361
Dogs, Cats, Birds, Monkeys, Wolves, Barnyard Animals and Reptiles. ...more

Pioneer Hollywood Animal Trainer: 1916 - 2002 ...more

LeBec, California 93243
Domestics, Exotics, Wolves, Cougars, Lions, Camels, Farm Animals and Horses. Camel Saddles! Rentals ...more

Del Norte, Colorado 81132
Motion Picture Livestock and Equipment. ...more

Castaic, California 91384
Specializing in Horses-Cast, Falling, Rearing, Bucking, Trick, Liberty and Driving. Riding, Driving and Pack Mules. Cows, Bulls, Roping and Range Steers. TACK: Contemporary Western and English Tack. Period Cavalry and Spanish ... ...more

Corrales, New Mexico 87048
Movin On Livestock, Animal, Wranglers & Trainers: Movie Horses , Mules, Movie Animals, and Movie Wagons, Carriages and Stagecoaches. Goats, Sheep, Chickens, Dairy and Range Cattle. Movin On Livestock houses one of the largest ... ...more

Canyon Country, California 91351
Movie Horses and Mules, Movie Animals, and Movie Wagons, Carriages and Stagecoaches. Goats, Sheep, Chickens, Dairy and Range Cattle. Serving the Entertainment Industrys needs for Specialty-Trained Livestock and Related Wagon Equipment ... ...more

Lakeside, California 92040
A Working Horse Ranch owned by TV Personality and Animal Expert, Joan Embery. On Premises Wildlife, Including Cheetahs, a Zebra, Aardvark, Porcupine, Rainbow Boa, Tucan and Sloth. Ranch and Farm Prop Rentals: ... ...more

Van Nuys, California 91406
Animal Training Mannequins made for the Specific Purpose of Training People; Veterinary Procedures and Life-Saving Techniques for Animals. They meet the criteria to Refine, Reduce, and Replace Animals in Veterinary Instruction ... ...more

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