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7th Bone Tailoring Agency matches top level Tailors with Commercial Clients. Custom Tailoring & Wardrobe Design: Tailoring for Men, Women & Children. Plus-Size Tailoring, On-Set Tailoring, Custom projects to large scale Runway Presentations. Custom work: Backdrops, Custom Dye Work, Garments and Props. Services available in New York, Santa Fe and Los Angeles.

The 7th Bone Tailoring Agency was founded by Erin Hogan-Braker as a way to honor her mentor, Master Tailor Nelson Arriaga and the craft of sewing. Nelson was a master of mens custom tailoring and instructed we fit from the 7th bone.

Nelson would stand behind his clients evaluating the relation of the 7th vertebrae of the spine (C7) to the clients overall posture; from here, the tailor begins to apply fitting techniques to achieve a perfectly altered garment. 7th Bone Tailoring has continued Nelsons tradition of craftsmanship.
Since 2011

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