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HOLLYWOOD ELEVATORS - Los Angeles, California

4707 Exposition Boulevard
 Los Angeles, California 90016


Hollywood Elevators in Los Angeles is Camera Ready, Practical & Customizable Elevator Rentals for television and movie sets. These modular units can be pass through most standard size doors; all walls & ceilings are wild.

Red Truck, founded in 2004, saw the need for a better elevator solution and has created the an industry friendly solution.
Hollywood Elevator Specs:
- A fully modular unit will pass through a 36 x 80 door opening
- Rental includes 2 person Delivery, Setup & Strike
- Forklift not required for loading
- Door mechanism can be operated by one person
- All walls and ceiling are Wild
- Custom finishes & configurations
- Stainless, Wood, & Double Doors
- Ceiling included with Light  Diffusion
- Ceiling panels are easily removed




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