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MILKY WAY STUDIO - New York City, New York

 New York City, New York 11216


CREATIVE DIRECTION + MAKERS + PAPER GURU + INSTALLATIONS + PRODUCTION & FABRICATION + FLOWERS LOVERS MilkyWay studio is a Brooklyn-based design lab and maker space. Our goal is to fully serve the inspiration and needs of our clients from concept to fruition; a blend of collaboration with industry professionals, custom design and curation, and creative fabrication lends itself to results that are bespoke, inspiring, and eye-catching.From small-scale window displays to grand-scale architectural exhibitions, each project is fueled by fantasy and ingenuity, with immersive installations and aesthetically-enticing floor to ceiling designs. Consultation + Development | taking your concepts from vision to actualization with an emphasis on brand-forward design and hospitality through the use of specially-sourced materials Budget + Agenda | working within your means and schedule to secure an interior design that best suits you, your vision, and your organization through high-quality work, innovative methods, and top of the line equipment Adaptation + Implementation | transforming your space artistically in order to create a custom environment that showcases your brand identity and values in a captivating and appealing way


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