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Alterations - Dry Cleaners - Studio Services
Big Box & Clothing Store Locator
Clergy Apparel - Church Robes & Vestments
Costume & Wardrobe Designers, Makers & Buyers
Costume & Wardrobe Rentals & Sales
Costume Construction - Workrooms and Custom-Made Clothing
Costume Houses & Wardrobe Rentals - Atlanta
Costume Houses & Wardrobe Rentals - Los Angeles
Costume Houses & Wardrobe Rentals - New York
Costume Supplies - Notions - Trims
Custom Sewing - Seamstress - Tailors
Dress Forms & Wardrobe Supplies
Ethnic Clothing
Eyeglasses - Sunglasses - Period Eyewear
Fabric Dyeing - Ageing & Distressing
Fabrics & Textiles for Apparel & Costumes
Fabrics - Textiles & Trims
Hair & Makeup - Tattoo - Specialty Supplies
Hats - Gloves - Umbrellas - Canes
Jewelry & Accessories - Custom Jewelry
Jewelry Supplies - Beads and Loose Gems
Leather Goods, Custom Leather & Fur Apparel
Makeup Mirrors - Wardrobe Trailers
Mascots - Walkaround - Cosplay - Halloween
Men - Women - Children Wardrobe
Period Clothing - Vintage Wardrobe - Formal Wear
Police - Law Enforcement & Military Uniforms
Promotional Products, Merchandise and Apparel
Shoe Repair - Leather Dyeing - Custom Made
Shoes and Boots
Silk Screen Printing - Embroidery
Special Effects Makeup - Theatrical Makeup - Wigs
Specialty Costumes & Wardrobe
Specialty Fabrics &Textiles
Sports Apparel - Team Uniforms
Studio Services for Costume & Wardrobe
Thrift and Clothing Consignment Shops
Uniforms - Industrial Clothing
Union Costume Houses & Costume Shops
Wardrobe Racks - Hangers - Rentals & Expendables
Western Wear - Cowboy Hats & Boots
Wigs - Toupees and Makeup Supplies
Antiques - Collectibles
Antiques - Period - Vintage Furnishings
Architectural Antiques - Details
Architectural Antiques - Interior Details
Artwork Clearance Research
Baby - Kids Furniture
Big Box & Retail Chain Store Locator
Books Rentals and Book Sales
Carpet - Rugs and Floor Coverings
Ceramics - Glassware - Flatware
Cleared Art Rental - Artwork Clearances and Research
Cleared Art Rentals & Artwork Services
Cleared Art Rentals & Original Artwork
Columns and Pedestals for Decor
Contemporary & Traditional Furniture Rentals
Country and Rustic Furniture
Curios - Oddities and Tchotchkes
Drapery - Window Treatments - Upholstery
Eclectic Furniture
Fabrics, Textiles - Trims for Set Decorators
Fireplace - Tools and Equipment
Flea Markets and Swap Meets
Floral Supplies - Live Flowers - Plants
Florists and Floral Designers
Frames and Custom Framing
Furnishings - Accessories - Soft Goods
Furniture - Table Top Props - Smalls - Surfaces
Furniture Repair and Restoration
Garden, Patio Furniture and Outdoor Decor
Imported Furniture
Kitchen and Bathroom Furnishings
Lighting Fixtures and Fans
Linens - Bedding - Table Linens
Mid-Century Modern Furniture
Office & Institutional Furniture
Pottery and Ceramics
Rattan and Wicker Furniture
Residential and Commercial Appliances
Set Dressing - Furniture Rentals - Prop Houses - New York
Set Dressing - Furniture Rentals - Prop Houses in Atlanta
Set Dressing - Furniture Rentals - Prop Houses in Los Angeles
Set Dressing and Prop Rentals Chicago, IL
Sewing Services and Custom Sewing
Shopping Centers - Retail Stores
Slip-Covered and Upholstery Furniture
Thrift Shops and Vintage Shops
Upholstery and Upholstery Supplies
Used Furniture
Wall Coverings - Wallpaper
Airplane - Aviation Mockups - Aircraft Models
Alley and Traffic Control Street Dressing
ATM and Banking Equipment
Awnings - Canopies
Backings and Theatrical Drapery Rentals
Balloons - Inflatable Decor
Barrels - Drums - Crates
Beauty - Tattoo - Barber Shop
Boat - Nautical Props and Marine Dressing
Bulletin Boards - Lockers
Carnival - Circus - Amusement
Carriages - Wagons and Farm Equipment
Casino and Gambling Equipment
Caskets - Funeral - Mortuary Set Dressing
Christmas Decor and Holiday Decorations
Church Furnishings and Religious Articles
Department Store and Boutique Shop Set Dressing
Display Cases and Fixtures
Drafting Equipment and Supplies
Ethnic Goods: Africa - Asia - Middle East
Ethnic Goods: European
Ethnic Goods: Native American - Latin America
Flags and Flagpoles
Fountains - Ponds - Pools - Statues
Gas Station and Garage Set Dressing
Greens - Trees - Plant Rentals
Gymnasium - Exercise and Dance Studio
Halloween Props & Decor
Industrial - Automotive - Warehouse
Jail and Prison Furnishings and Set Dressing
Mannequins, Statues & Visual Display Props
Medical - Hospital & Lab Equipment Prop Rentals
Memorabilia - Posters - Photographs
Nets - Cargo - Camouflage - Fishing
Party & Special Event Decor
Party Decorations, Supplies and Rentals
Party Planners and Special Event Coordinators
Phones - Telephone Booths and Poles
Pianos and Musical Instruments
Plants & Flowers - Artificial
Playground and Park Recreation Equipment
Public Space - Retail - Industrial Set Dressing Rentals
Restaurant - Bar - Hotel - Theater
Restoration & Repair
School Furnishings - Supplies & Set Dressing Rentals
Sci-Fi Electronics & Scoreboards
Supermarket - Bodega - Grocery Store
Surplus - Liquidations - Recycled Goods
Technical Set Dressing
Tents - Tipis - Yurts - Canopies
Theme Decor and Special Event Rentals
Trade Show Displays
Vending Machines and Vendor Carts
Western and Rustic Set Dressing
Aircraft - Helicopters - Drones
Animal Wranglers, Trainers & Animal Actors
ArtCube Nation Members
Audio and Video Equipment and Services
Bug Wranglers and Insects Handlers
Camera Equipment and Camera Vehicles
Car Prep - Picture Vehicle Rigging
Catering - Craft Services - Crafty
Communication Equipment and Services
Computer Equipment
COVID-19 Disinfection - Biohazard Cleanup
Grip & Electric Equipment Rentals
Marketing - Branding - Promotion
Medical and Health Supplies and Services
Medical Consultants
Messenger Services
Office Supplies and Stationery
Payroll - Accounting - Cast and Crew Services
Picture Boats & Vehicles - Marine Coordinators
Picture Cars: Classic - Contemporary & Exotic
Picture Vehicle Motorhomes & Trailers
Picture Vehicles - Aircraft and Airplane
Picture Vehicles - Railroad and Subway Trains
Picture Vehicles: Commercial Vehicles
Picture Vehicles: Motorcycles - Scooters
Picture Vehicles: Police Cars & Military Vehicles
Post Production Services
Product Placement
Production Companies & Production Management
Production Directory & Trade Publications
Production Equipment Rentals - Expendables
Production Insurance Services
Production Reports and Production Jobs
Production Services
Production Software & Asset Management
Set Lighting and Event Lighting Equipment
Set Safety - Security & Covid-19 Compliance
Special Event Services
Stages - Standing Sets
Stages - Studios and Backlots
Stages: Green Screen - Virtual Production
Storyboards - Previsualization - Illustration
Stunt Coordinators - Riggers - Stunt Doubles
Sustainable Production Services and Eco-Friendly Equipment
Technical Advisors and Consultants
Transportation - Car, Truck & Motorhome Studio Rental
Unions - IATSE - Locals and Trade Associations
Visual Effects Artists and VFX Supervisors
X New Resources Under Review
XB-Not Verified
XMR-Not Verified
xx Crew Resources In Review

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