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TARGET PROPS - Burbank, California

119 E Graham Place
 Burbank, California 91502


Target Props in the Los Angeles area, specializes in Hand Prop Rentals: Replica Weapons Room with all Modern Weapons, Stunt Props and Prop Gun Rentals. Doubles, Hi-Tech Electronics Room with rigged as well as Functioning Electronics, Modern Electronics including Tablets, Cellphones and Laptops, Military and Police Gear, stunt props, and much more.

Large selection of Luggage, Camera and Press Gear, Medical Set Dressing, Retractable Weapons and Syringes. Hi-Tech and Military Cases, Sports and Outdoor Props.

Restaurant and Diner Props, Room Service and Housekeeping Cars and Gurneys. Strollers and Music Props. Custom Prop fabrication using 3D printers, CNC Machines, Laser Cutters and Skilled Propmakers. Expendable and In-House Graphics Department.

Founded in Hollywood, CA, Target Props offers a wide range of premium props that help the motion picture industry make magic. They can tackle any production size due to the scale of their inventory, years of experience, and dedicated staff.

In addition to renting items from the Target Props catalogue of movie props, they also custom build props. Using 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters and skilled propmakers theyre able to bring any concept to life. And, theres a hands on design and state of the art print shop that can take care of all your graphic needs.

Hand Prop Rentals
Badges, Boom Mic Kits, Shure Mics, Spy Gear, Surveillance Cameras, Video Cameras, Walkies, Hi-Tech Electronics, Cameras, Cases, Cell Phones, Detonators, Explosives, Flashlights, Gaming Consoles, Handheld Computers, Headsets, Intercoms, Laptops

Replica Weapons, Prop Gun Rentals, Tranquillizer Guns, Modern Prop Weapons, Stunt Props, Rubber Guns, Rubber Kits, Rubber Knives, Rubber Tools, Retractable Knives, Retractable Syringes

Rigged Answering Machines, Rigged Card Swipes, Rigged Clocks, Rigged Home Alarm, Rigged Keypads, Rigged Phones,Military Cases, Luggage, Press Gear, Forensic, Medical Set Dressing, Sports Gear, Restaurant, Diner Props, Room Service, License Plates


Business Hours: 
Mon-Fri: 8-6 


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